Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Construction Begins

It's been a while since we last updated the blog. Here's a brief summary of what's happened in the last few months. After developing a design that we were satisfied with in the early summer, we began talking to three different home builders and obtained quotes for construction. The quotes were higher than our budget allowed (which was not entirely unexpected), so after a few weeks of crunching numbers and considering our options, we decided to proceed with contracting the construction ourselves. So with the decision made, we booked the excavation and promptly left on vacation.

Construction officially started on September 3rd. The surveyor staked out the lot and the excavators trenched the sanitary line. The following day the excavators returned and dug up a nice big hole for the foundation.
The footings were poured on September 18th and the foundation walls were poured on the 19th. Our joist package is scheduled to be delivered on October 6th. We're currently gathering quotes for waterproofing and weeping tile, as well as the windows.